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THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER piece. Your Essential Oil Diffuser Mum locket style pendant will resemble this piece, however each piece is slightly different due to the handmade nature of the work.

This sterling silver handmade hinged Essential Oil Diffuser Mum pendant is made specifically to hold leather discs that can hold essential oils. The Mum flower design is filigree style to allow the oil scents out and keep the leather disc in. The pendant measures slightly longer than 1" as the circle itself is 1"wide. 

The back can be stamped with a personal message of your own, convo before ordering if you have any questions. I can stamp anything that fits on the back, and will choose the appropriate size and style text that will work with what you are wanting. 

This piece also includes 3 leather discs to carry the Essential oils you choose to wear. It only takes 2-3 drops on the stamped side of the leather, allow to soak in and place in the diffuser and it's ready to wear! Your choice of word to stamp on each disc in order to keep track of what oils you put where. I will default to a 1,2 and 3 heart stamping if no directions are given for specific words.

** Please note, the listing does NOT include the actual oils